The Dinner Blueprint

One month to quick and easy meal planning, healthier dinners, more relaxed weeknights, and an eco-friendly home kitchen.

Does this sound familiar?

(Don't be shy! This is HONESTY TIME)

You're tired after working all day.

When you get home, the last thing you want to do is spend two hours in the kitchen. (UGH with the kitchen, right?)

You like the idea of meal planning and prep, but, umm...TIME.

Meal planning sounds great, but you don't have time to read a zillion internet articles that might not even help.

You want easy, tasty recipes made with real food - and you want them to be ready FAST.

You'd love to avoid a cooking rut and try new things, but right now you end up cooking the same things over and over again.

You want to be environmentally-friendly, but you're not sure how.

You'd love to use less plastic and waste less food, but you're not sure where to start.


Did that just bring on a bit of all-too-familiar dinner angst? (Maybe the kind that ends with “BLERGH, I’m ordering pizza”?) I’M SORRY!

But dude. (DUUUUDE!)

I know how you feel. And you are SOOOOO in the right place.

Because if you’re ready to put simple, healthy, QUICK recipes on your weeknight dinner table - I HAVE GOT. YOU. COVERED.




I want you to take a hot minute and imagine a new weeknight dinner routine where...

You don't do the "what's for dinner" dance. You've already got a delicious meal ready to go!

You get home from work and are eating dinner in your comfiest sweats within 30 minutes. It's possible. I PROMISE.

You don't even remember the monotony of eating the same food every single day. Who's on their fifth peanut-butter-sandwich-for-dinner this week? NOT YOU, that's who!

You have extra time after work to hang out with your spouse or partner, explore your city, or, umm, catch up on a Netflix binge.

You've slashed your grocery bill and have some extra spending money for a fun night out.

You've reduced your environmental impact by taking small, easy, eco-friendly steps to eliminate harsh products and cut down on food waste.

And hey! I have good news:




  • Work at your own pace with short video trainings to walk you step-by-step through my EXACT strategies for meal planning, budgeting, food prep, and more.

  • Clear, manageable action steps and homework assignments to set you up for success.

  • Worksheets and checklists to keep you on track. Print them out or store them on your phone or computer for easy access to done-for-you meal planning, prep, and sustainability strategies!

  • Step-by-step tech trainings to walk you through ALL of the technical setup you might need to manage your meal planning, prep, and more!

  • BONUS: An E-Cookbook with 30+ pages of easy, healthy recipes - each ready in 30 minutes and complete with nutrition facts and recipe notes!

  • BONUS: Four done-for-you meal plans so you can succeed from DAY 1 - even as you're still working through the course!


SECTION 1: MASTERING MEAL PLANNING // Learn to plan quickly and efficiently, select and manage recipes, and organize your shopping process.

SECTION 2: MASTERING MEAL PREP // Identify your perfect meal prep strategy to maximize your time - even if it's just five minutes! - to prep food in advance for easier weeknight cooking.

SECTION 3: CURATING AND MANAGING YOUR RECIPE ARSENAL // Learn to sift through a never-ending recipe supply (thanks, Internet!) and curate a perfect-for-you recipe arsenal that you can access wherever you go.

{NEW!} SECTION 4: KITCHEN SUSTAINABILITY AND FOOD WASTE TIPS // Learn how to easily choose sustainable ingredients, reduce plastic and disposable product use, and reduce food waste - all on a budget.


(Ok, I've kind of just always wanted to say that.

BONUS SECTION #1: MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR MEAL PLAN // How to set and stick to a grocery budget, build flexibility into your meal plan, and jump back into planning if you've gotten off track.

BONUS SECTION #2: NUTRITION BASICS // A crash course on nutrition from a Registered Dietitian (RD) guest expert! Learn to read nutrition labels and plan balanced meals.

BONUS SECTION #3: MANAGING YOUR MEAL PLAN WITH A PARTNER OR SPOUSE // How to use technology to collaborate with a partner, plan meals as a team, and manage shopping lists across devices.

BONUS MEAL PLANS: FOUR done-for-you meal plans to help you jump right into meal planning from Day 1 - even as you're still working through the course!

BONUS E-COOKBOOK: 30+ pages of easy, healthy recipes (including some not available on Life As A Strawberry!) with nutrition facts and recipe notes to help you meal plan like a pro.

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Jessie Johnson
Jessie Johnson

I’m Jessie, creator of Life As A Strawberry and your friendly neighborhood meal planning tour guide.

I started my business life working in catering and community kitchens, but when I started grad school, I didn't have time for planning. I was spending too much money on groceries, and food often sat forgotten in the fridge until it was too late to use it. When I did cook, it was scattered and stressful. I was sick of feeling guilty and stressed-out in the kitchen.

So I dusted off my meal planning skills and started developing faster, simpler strategies for busy weeknights (many of which you’ll find in The Dinner Blueprint!). By planning our meals for just ten minutes each week, I’ve completely de-stressed my kitchen life. We’re back to eating better, healthier food and cutting back on food waste. My average grocery bills have shot down.

But the best part? By eliminating the stress that was cooking on busy weeknights, I’ve freed up more time to focus on my business, my relationship, and my Netflix marathons (hey, #priorities, right?) And it’s 100% thanks to the strategies I’m showing you in The Dinner Blueprint.

Whether you’re a new cook or a seasoned home chef, The Dinner Blueprint will give you the push - and the tools - to master your meal planning and take control of your weeknight dinners.

The Dinner Blueprint is the result of more than a decade of work in various parts of the food industry - from commercial kitchens to community meal centers to professional recipe development and food photography. I've put my BEST stuff into this course, and I'm confident you'll love it as much as I do. If you go through the course and try the strategies but find it isn't the right fit, I'll happily give you a full refund within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
I want you to LOVE The Dinner Blueprint, so if you work through the materials and worksheets but find they aren’t helping you, send me an email within 30 days for a full refund.
How long do I have access to the course website?
How does forever sound? When you purchase The Dinner Blueprint, you get unlimited access to the course website, bonuses, and all associated materials for as long as the course exists. You also get free updates whenever new content is added!
Does The Dinner Blueprint work with dietary restrictions?
Yes! The bulk of the course is focused on skill development that works for any diet and several (though not all) of the recipes in the accompanying e-cookbook are vegetarian.
When does the course start and end?
The course is completely self-paced, so you can start it whenever you like and move through the lessons as you have time!
I'm already busy. How will I have time to take this course?
This course is all about giving you MORE free time in your busy week - so I've broken it down into short, fluff-free video lessons (less than 15 minutes!) Plus, you can access it from any device, so you can catch up on lessons any time you have a minute.

Life As A Strawberry + Giving Back.

We give a portion of Life As A Strawberry's monthly income to organizations building a more sustainable, accessible, inclusive food system.

In August 2017, a portion of all course sales will support Feeding America, a national hunger-relief organization working to improve food security for millions of Americans.

And hey - thanks for checking out The Dinner Blueprint! I’m so thankful for you - whether you’re a long-time reader or a brand new internet friend! You = the best. FOR REALZ.



to de-stress your weeknight cooking, eat better, save money, and help the planet. I can't wait to see you in the course!